Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I become a model with DreamCasting?

To be considered for a glamour modeling job, you must be an attractive female over 18 years of age. We currently have jobs available for models in almost every category, so no matter your look, age, or experience, we highly encourage you to apply. You can apply online by completing our model application. If selected, you will be contacted by one of our staff member who will work with you to help get you started.

Do I have to sign some sort of contract with you?

No. There is no contract to sign we are not a talent agency trying to lock you in some exclusive agreement. We have many high paid glamour jobs available if we think you would be a good candidate we put you in touch with the company or photographer. It's that simple!

How much money can I make? And when do I get paid?

You get paid immediately at the end of your shoot. Each photo/video jobs we have available have different pay rate. On an average models working with us make between $300 and $3000 per job for about 4 hours of work during daytime. The pay depends on the job you accept not on the experience you have as a model.

Do you only have paid glamour work?

Yes, we focus only on high paid glamour bikini and nude work. There's many glamour gigs available in the US, we select only the high paid and reliable ones.

Does every job require nudity?

No, every job has different requirements. Some jobs will require just bikini, or maybe topless and some will require nudity. It's up to you and what you are comfortable with. We are not here to convince you to do anything you don't want to do.

Do I have to pay any sort of commission?

Absolutely not ! We do not take any money from models. We work with well known photographers and large web companies that pay us to find selected new models.

What website will my photos/videos appear on?

Every projects is different as a general guidelines you should never accept a job with which you are not 100% comfortable. It also varies on the job you get selected for. Some companies will utilize your photos to promote their products and services because they need an attractive face. Some companies will utilize the photo on a paid site format including adult oriented sites.

Do you pay for travel expenses ?

It depends on the job you are selected for. We work with models from all over the US so we sometimes reimburse travel expenses.

Do you deal mostly with magazine, websites or video work?

We deal with all. Nowadays companies will most of the time require at least a little bit of video 4-5 minutes. we will evaluate with you what is in your best interest.

Is it really fun or do you just say this to attract new models?

No, we do not need to attract new models, there are literally thousand of girls every year that do glamour modeling. So we can always get glamour models when we need them. We say that it is fun and exciting because it actually is. People are professional and friendly, The atmosphere is usually quite laid back.

I am quite interested in doing glamour/nude work but I wouldn't want my family or relatives to find out.

Again as a general guidelines we advice every model we work with to only accept work they feel totally comfortable with. Family and relatives will never find out about your scene. There is more than 5000 photo shoot done every month! In LA alone, there is thousand of glamour models. The odds of anyone stumbling across your pictures are extremely small. And even if someone did, they would probably look at it and think that the model in the photos looks like you, but they wouldn't "think" that it's you. It is just one of these things: The camera, the lights, the make up, the nudity that people are not accustomed to seeing... All these factors make you look very different in their eyes. You may even come across situations when you show your photos to a friend, and she refuses to believe that it is really you. If you do not want people to know, just keep it for yourself, and you will be fine.

How many people are on the set and what is it like ?

The sets are usualy small and private and very professional . We keep the number of people to the minimum. There is usually the photographer, an assistant and a make up artist. It's a really relaxed atmosphere and there is always a female on set.

I've had bad experiences in the past with creepy photographers and shady people. Now I'm scared to do another shoot.

The reason we created this website is to legitimize glamour modeling. We have been doing this for over 10 years and all the people working with us are professionals. Everyone here is only interested in working in a positive and constructive environment. We always encourage models to bring an escort with them if it makes them more comfortable.

How do I know that your operation is legitimate?

If you have any doubts, you can always call our office. Ask for Jennifer our Talent Coordinator 310-383-6178, and she will confirm the information. She also will be glad to give you the name and phone number of several well known glamour or nude models that we have worked with so you can call and talk to them directly.

If I do a job with you, will there be any more work for me afterward?

If you were professional and reliable, we will use you again. There is a lot of work in this field.

I have other questions that were not answered on this web site...

Call Jennifer anytime at 1-310-383-6178 and ask. You can also submit your question by E-mail at

I am very interested and would like to move ahead. What is the next step?

Call us and come over for a quick interview at our offices or at the place of your choice.

If I decide to come for an interview, must I come by myself?

No, you can bring a friend with you, or a family member; that makes no difference to us.